How should stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots) prevent rusting




How to prevent stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots) from rusting? Stainless steel materials are divided into 201, 304, 316, etc. Different materials have completely different advantages. For example, the corrosion resistance of 201 material is not too strong, but its acid resistance is relatively strong. Or the corrosion resistance of 304 is relatively strong, but its high temperature resistance is not strong, or the corrosion resistance of 316 material is relatively strong, and it also has high temperature resistance and strong welding ability.

good price and quality Mini Posts (Spigots)
 For customers, when buying this kind of Mini Posts (Spigots), first tell the manufacturer about the environment they are using. For example, if you want to use stainless steel columns on stair buildings, then the general manufacturer will recommend 304 to you. Or Mini Posts (Spigots) with 316 material. At the same time, stainless steel is often produced by using traditional steel through various processes. Production staff needs to polish. Polishing is divided into brushed polishing and mirror polishing. Professionals are more aware that mirror light is better than brushed polishing, so mirror light stainless steel is also more rust-proof. At the same time, when using stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots) for engineering construction, be careful not to expose the stainless steel Mini Posts (Spigots) to rainy weather.