Beware of these glass door and window accessories "routines"




When we replace doors and windows, we usually shop around and choose the one with the highest cost performance. But the door and window industry needs to be concerned about more than just the price. If you only focus on the price, you will likely be deceived and the trouble of paying for your careless choice.

Architectural Glass Fittings manufacturers

Doors and windows are mainly composed of profiles, glass and hardware. Since materials are involved, it means that each material will have a difference in price and quality. There are many merchants who advertise that they are imported from abroad but are actually produced locally, using inferior quality. It is most common in our daily life to add accessories to "cost-effective", such as hardware, which needs to be replaced after being used thousands of times in a small workshop. Our products can realize functions such as multi-angle opening, which guarantees quality while giving you a better user experience. There are also some merchants that say tempered glass in the material list, which makes you mistakenly think that it is fully tempered glass but it is actually semi-tempered glass, playing a "word game" with you.