Main points of installation and operation of railing support bracket




The installation of the railing support bracket shall be carried out according to the requirements and the order of the construction ink line from the starting point upward. The columns at both ends of the platform at the starting point of the stairs should be installed first, and the installation is divided into two methods: welding and bolting. During welding construction, the welding rod should be of the same material as the base metal. During installation, spot welding of the column and the embedded part is temporarily fixed. After the elevation and vertical correction, the welding is firm.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps for house

Inlaid with plexiglass, glass and other fences, the fence should be installed after the completion of the column. The installation must be firm, and the vertical, horizontal and slope should meet the design requirements. When installing, insert the railing into the grooves of the vertical poles on both sides, and use hard rubber strips to fill the gap between the groove and the two sides of the railing.

Stair handrails are generally installed by welding (except for special sizes). The material used for the electrode should be the same as the base metal. The handrail installation sequence should start from the starting elbow, followed by the straight handrail. The handrail interface should be cut at the correct angle according to the requirements, and it should be smoothed with a metal file, so as to avoid inaccurate cutting, which will cause the handrail to be bent and difficult to install.