Home bathroom square shower support rod installation method




Nowadays, many family shower curtains use square shower support rods. It is very convenient to install, disassemble and clean without removing screws. It will not damage the bathroom decoration structure and is beautiful to use. The following are the square shower support rod manufacturers to teach you how to install square shower support rods:

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First put the thick end of the square shower support rod against the wall, and pay attention to adjust the height and position properly. Pull out the thin end, but also against the wall on the other side. The position before and after the height should correspond to the thick end. If there are heights, it will not be beautiful. Hold the rod with your left hand, rotate the thin end clockwise with your right hand, the support rod will gradually tighten, and rotate until it stops turning with a certain amount of force, which means that the support rod is fastened. Turn the thin end of the right hand against the white top foot of the wall, slowly rotate in the same direction, the support rod will gradually become longer, and as the top foot is rotated, the support rod will completely stand against the wall and will not fall off. After it is completely installed, it can be pulled down by hand. At this time, it can bear about ten kilograms of weight and will not fall off. There is no problem in hanging a few clothes or shower curtains.
The hook of the shower curtain is open, you can install the support rod first, and then install the shower curtain, and then install the shower curtain on the support rod with the closed shower curtain hook. The installation location can be marked on the wall first, so that the installation will not be wrong.