How to install bathroom sliding glass window to U channels fittings




China U channels fittings explains how to install bathroom sliding glass windows.

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Before installing the sliding glass window, you need to first check whether the quality of the door and window is qualified, and then check whether the appearance is damaged. You also need to take out a tape measure to measure its size, and put the relevant parts that need to be prepared, such as hardware accessories. ,U channels fittings, fixing pieces, etc. are all checked.
Then when installing the sliding glass window, it is necessary to punch holes at the bottom first, and the distance of the holes can be determined according to the actual situation or actual needs of the site. It needs to be loaded into the glue gun with special glass glue, which is mainly for sealing.
When installing the glass door, you need to use stainless steel screws to fix it, and then install it at the frame with a sliding angle iron, which can move up and down. The next step is to install the lock head, which can be fixed with screws. The last thing is to open the window to see if Liu Chang has any jamming problems. If there are no such problems, it means that the installation is very good.