How to Install Shower Bracing Bars




Shower Bracing Bars has an inner and outer tube structure: the inner tube is a small tube, the outer tube is a large tube, the inner tube extends into the outer tube, and the shower curtain rod is fixed by inner buckles, springs or screws.

Shower Bracing Bars
How to install Shower Bracing Bars:
When installing, Shower Bracing Bars just use a retractable iron pipe to push against the walls at both ends. After the two ends are topped, they are fixed as soon as they are twisted. The maximum load-bearing capacity of Shower Bracing Bars is generally 20 kilograms. Bath towels and clothing can be used. The poles can be moved and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient.
If there are only two walls in the shower area, then Shower Bracing Bars can only choose that kind of arc steel pipe to be fixed on the wall. The disadvantage of this kind of fixed arc steel pipe is that due to the uneven force, it takes a long time. It is prone to loosening and is not particularly safe.
In addition, the installation height is generally to make the shower curtain 1-2 cm above the ground. Do not drag the hem to the ground, it is easy to get dirty. Sometimes it is easy to tear the shower curtain if you step on it accidentally, and it is easy to trip over people. The installation height of Shower Bracing Bars determines the height of the shower curtain. When buying a shower curtain, you should first determine the width and height of the shower curtain according to the size of the shower area.
Installation Notes for Shower Bracing Bars:
When installing the water barrier, first install the Shower Bracing Bars and the shower curtain, and then determine the position of the water barrier according to the installation height of the Shower Bracing Bars and the position of the hem of the shower curtain, because the water barrier must be installed on the outside of the hem of the shower curtain, otherwise the shower The water on the curtains has flowed outside.