How to install Cuboid Slimline Handrail




Whether in public places or living places, you can often see the use of glass Cuboid Slimline Handrail. Although it looks very fragile, its load-bearing capacity is not worse than other handrails, which all depends on the installation process of the glass Cuboid Slimline Handrail. So how to install the staircase glass Cuboid Slimline Handrail? Let me introduce to you how to install the staircase glass Cuboid Slimline Handrail!

Cuboid Slimline Handrail

1. Installation of glass Cuboid Slimline Handrail embedded parts
In the design of glass stairs, embedded parts must be used. The embedded parts of the stair railings can only be used as post-embedded parts in the installation process. The detailed method is to use bolts and steel plates to create post-installed connectors. First place the line at the base of the stairs, and then specify the column fixation. Then use a percussion drill to drill holes on the surface of the stairs, and then install expansion bolts, but ensure that the length of the bolts is sufficient. After the bolts are positioned, tighten the bolts and weld the nut and the screw to prevent the nut and the steel plate from loosening.

2. Pay off
Since there is a certain error in the size of the stairs after the construction of the embedded parts, the line measurement must be re-measured in the early stage of installing the stairs to ensure the accuracy of the buried plate orientation and welding poles. If there is an error, it should be Fix it immediately. Ensure that all stainless steel columns are seated on the steel plate and can be welded around.

3. Install the column
In the process of installing the column and the welding column, two people are required to cooperate to complete it. One supports the steel pipe to keep it vertical and cannot shake during welding. The other person performs welding, which must be welded around, and should comply with the welding specifications.

4. Cuboid Slimline Handrail is connected to the column
Before installing the uprights, the wires are laid out by extending the wires, and grooves are machined at the upper end of the stairs according to the inclination of the stairs and the curvature of the Cuboid Slimline Handrail. Then put the handrail into the groove of the column, and install it by spot welding from the end to the initial end. Adjacent handrails are placed accurately and the joints are tight. After the adjacent steel pipes are butt-connected, the joints are welded with stainless steel welding rods. Before welding, oil stains, burrs, rust spots, etc. within the range of 30-50mm along each side of the weld must be removed.

The above is all about how to install Cuboid Slimline Handrail, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.