Reasons for the rust of stainless steel Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps




Stainless steel Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps has a lot of rust, especially during the exhibition of doors and windows and curtain walls, many problems were found in the process of communicating with customers. For example, a colleague from Hainan mentioned that stainless steel pillar products in Hainan are easy to rust. After testing, the materials are up to 304 or 316. In the end, the product still rusts, and maintenance and cleaning have also lost a lot of money. At that time, we also discussed how to avoid rust on the stainless steel column. After finding out the cause of rust, we also gave some suggestions.

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The main reason for the rust of stainless steel Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps in Haiti is that the local environment is relatively humid, and the acid-base ratio in the air is relatively high near the sea. The surface of the stainless steel column product is exposed to the air, which is more prone to chemical reactions, and black rust spots are formed on the surface. If it is not cleaned for a long time, a large area of ​​rust will be produced. This is the cause of rust.

The appearance of black rust spots on stainless steel Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps is an external factor, which is unavoidable. Is there any internal reason? For these reasons of rust, we can find the reasons from the inside of the product. Is it better to do the surface treatment and material of the product? Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps can form a protective film on the surface after drawing the surface of Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps. This protective film product now has some chemicals that can isolate the contact of corrosive substances, which can effectively extend the warranty period. The company has made similar products Experiment, the effect is still good.