Features of Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps




1. Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps are simple and generous in design: Different from the heavy and cold iron railings, the glass railings look simple and refreshing on the whole, and the workmanship is exquisite and fine, and the decorative effect is high-end and high-end.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps

2. It has good self-cleaning properties: the surface of the glass is smooth and compact, so dust is not easy to adhere to the surface. Compared with ordinary stone railings, it has good self-cleaning properties. It self-cleans as new after rain and does not need maintenance. Compared with metal railings, it makes up for the shortcomings of paint stripping, rusting, and the need to paint and maintain every other year.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps are difficult to install: the glass lower port and the base are difficult to fix firmly, and it is difficult to lock. The glass will tilt when the cork stoppers on both sides are unevenly fixed.

Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps requires more labor for installation: higher installation costs. With the passage of time, there are potential safety hazards: because the lower mouth is difficult to fix firmly, the later glass will loosen, and the tempered glass is prone to self-explosion, etc.

In hotels and villas, designers often use large-area Balustrading Support Brackets & Clamps for space decoration. Without the influence of poles, the visual experience will be more transparent, more beautiful and easy to clean.