What does Tub Enclosure Hardware have




The development of bathtubs has made many families with the right conditions buy them one after another. After a tiring day, a high-level massage shower experience in the bathtub at home is not to mention more happiness, but we need to do the daily maintenance of the Tub Enclosure Hardware and replace it in time. The Tub Enclosure Hardware, so as not to affect the bathing experience.

Tub Enclosure Hardware

Introduction to Tub Enclosure Hardware

Tub Enclosure Hardware nozzles: The wall and bottom of the massage bathtub are distributed with nozzles, ranging from two pairs at least to dozens of pairs. It is used for water to achieve the effect of massage. There are two types of nozzles, water spray and air jet. There are two types of sprinklers. One is to spray water out of the sprinklers through pipes and pumps; the other is turbo sprinklers, in which water is sucked in from around the sprinklers and then sprayed from the middle. The water jet massages through the stream of water. The jet nozzle itself does not produce water. It sprays air through an air pump and pipe, forming bubbles in the water for massage. Compared with air jet nozzles, water jet nozzles have stronger massage power.
In order to increase the strength and intensity of the massage, it is now common practice to install airflow in the spray nozzle. Generally, a simple water spray nozzle is installed on the cylinder wall, and a jet nozzle is installed at the bottom of the cylinder. The nozzles at the bottom of the tank are mainly for massaging the back, while the nozzles on the wall of the tank are mainly for massaging the soles of the feet, the sides of the body and the shoulders. Generally, massage bathtubs do not have any standard massage Tub Enclosure Hardware configuration. According to the configuration of the nozzles, massage bathtubs are generally divided into single system and mixed system. Single system, single water jet and single air jet, combined system, is A combination of water jet and air jet.

Tub Enclosure Hardware Motor: The massage bathtub is said to be an electrical appliance, because there is a motor, and the motor is the heart of the massage bathtub. But the motor is installed in a concealed place, and most people don’t understand the motor. How do you judge whether the motor is good or bad? The easiest way is to listen to the sound: When buying, connect the power, let the massage bathtub work, and then listen carefully to the motor. sound. The motor is good, no sound can be heard at all.

The relevant content about Tub Enclosure Hardware is introduced here in detail. Although the jacuzzi is good, it is still more troublesome to repair. You need to weigh it before choosing. I hope the introduction above can help you!