Common frameless glass fitting and their installation methods




Frameless glass fitting such as:

Ground spring: Ground spring is a hydraulic door closer specially designed for glass doors

Door clip: Fix the glass door from top to bottom. This is both to keep the glass door from deviating from the track and to protect the glass door.

Door lock: The door lock of a glass door is also different from that of other doors. The door lock of other doors is usually combined with the door handle.

Common frameless glass fitting and their installation methods

1. Frameeless glass fitting should choose the appropriate size, otherwise it may not be installed, even if installed reluctantly, it will cause inconvenience to use. For example, if the specifications of the ground spring are selected correctly, it will not be able to bear the weight of the glass door, which will cause the glass door to fall down, causing serious damage to the glass door and causing harm to people.

2. Install the frameless glass fitting according to the overall design of the glass door. For example, the door clip must be in horizontal position, otherwise the glass door cannot be installed. In order for the glass door to function properly, the installation angle needs to be corrected repeatedly.

3. Be careful when installing frameless glass fitting, especially in the part that comes into contact with the glass door, because if you use too much force, the glass door will be crushed, so install frameless glass fitting lightly.