Shower U Channels & Fittings Manufacturers Analysis of Glass There are Several Installation and Fixing Methods




When installing art glass, if the consumer needs the business to provide installation services, the business must go to the site to measure. The installation site must be treated horizontally, whether it is the wall or the ground. Except for the load-bearing wall (cement wall or large solid board wall), Glass cannot be hung. High-quality products must be selected for suspended installation of glass to avoid glass falling. In addition, attention should be paid to the installation and acceptance of the glass. After the art glass arrives, check whether the glass has cracks, bumps, edge grinding, and whether the laminated glass is sealed.

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Whether the size meets the requirements of the order, the tempered glass can be required to provide a tempering certificate. If the merchant is responsible for the installation, the hanging glass should check whether the fixed point is on the same level, so as to prevent the glass from breaking due to uneven force.

Like ordinary installation, it can be fixed with glass glue, but the premise is that the glass is placed in a Shower U Channels & Fittings. In fact, the glass partition is usually a seat made by woodworkers, about 100 high, and the seat is connected to the ground. Fixed, there are Shower U Channels & Fittings suitable for the thickness of the glass in the middle of the seat. When the glass is put in, it is very firm with glass glue. The upper end of the glass partition is also the same.