Shower U Channels & Fittings factory introduces you to the common accessories of shower room




The track of common accessories in shower room
The track is also a technical work in purchasing a shower room. Most of the shower rooms have problems in the later period of use, which are caused by the pulley. Choose 204 stainless steel pulleys, followed by copper. As for the alloy material, it is easy to rust, which is a poor material, and it is easy to fall off and cause danger after a long time. It is not difficult to tell whether the pulley is good or bad. You can try it by yourself. The stainless steel is pushed out very smoothly, while the relatively poor products need to be pushed hard.

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Water-blocking stone for common accessories in shower room
There are two kinds of water blocking stones, artificial and natural. Natural stone is not too high, and it is suitable for bathrooms where floor tiles have been laid; artificial stone is formed at one time, without joints, so it is not easy to leave debris, but it is relatively high and suitable for rough decoration.