Shower U Channels & Fittings introduces shower installation steps




Step 1 - Check shower room spare parts and site preparation
1. Check the purchased parts of the shower room against the manual, and check whether there is any loss. If any damage is found, the merchant should ask for replacement as soon as possible.
2. Clean the floor of the site to avoid dust retention, and ensure that the installation location is free of water.

Shower U Channels & Fittings for house

Step 2 - Install the Basin Base
1. Assemble the various parts of the bottom basin for later use
2. Use a level to adjust the level of the bottom basin, and then draw the position to be installed. Finally, the hose can be extended and retracted with the distance, and the bottom of the basin is firmly connected to the floor drain.
Step 3 - Install the shower enclosure frame
1. One person places the frame in the position that needs to be fixed, and the size of the glass wall must be considered, which must be accurate, and then another person marks the general position of the frame with a marker pen, as well as the screw holes for the mounting screws in the frame. a marked.
2. Then use an impact drill to punch holes in the marked holes. If the tiles are installed in advance, be sure to drill carefully to prevent the tiles from cracking.
3. The last step is to install the shower room frame. Use a hammer to drive the rubber plug into the drilled hole. Then one person will hold the frame and the other will tighten the shower room frame with screws.
Step 4 - Mounting and Fixing the Glass Wall
1. First, insert the glass into the U-shaped groove of the base, then clamp the glass to the hole in the bottom basin, and then fix it with screws.
2. Find the corresponding position on the top of the fixed glass and drill holes, install the fixed seat and connect the top pipe, and fix it on the top of the glass with a pipe elbow. Shower U Channels & Fittings clamps the glass and clamps the tempered glass to the aluminum alloy frame.