What should be paid attention to when choosing Shower Room Connectors




① Look at the hardness of aluminum
Brief analysis: Shower Room Connectors aluminum in shower room often needs to support the weight of tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not good, the service life of the shower will be very short. The hardness and thickness of all aluminum materials are important assessment indicators.

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② Check whether the surface of the aluminum material is smooth, whether there is chromatic aberration and trachoma, and the surface finish.
See the adjustment function of connecting wall materials and wall clips
The connecting wall material (wall clip) is the aluminum material connecting the shower room and the wall, because the inclination of the wall and the offset of the installation will cause the glass of the connecting wall to be distorted, resulting in the self-explosion of the glass. Therefore, the connecting wall material should have the vertical and horizontal adjustment function, so that the aluminum material can match the distortion of the wall and installation, eliminate the distortion of the glass, and avoid the self-explosion of the glass.
6. Look at the stability of the pull rod of the shower room
Brief analysis: The pull rod of Shower Room Connectors is an important support to ensure the stability of the frameless shower room. The hardness and strength of the pull rod are an important guarantee for the impact resistance of the shower room. It is not recommended to use a retractable pull rod, which is weak in strength.