Face Fix System manufacturers tell you the installation steps of frameless glass doors




1. The Face Fix System manufacturer believes that the installation of the fixed partition wall should be carried out after the construction of other processes in the room is basically completed. Fixed glass partitions and movable glass doors must be positioned uniformly. According to the requirements of the design drawings, the positioning lines of partitions and glass doors must be released to determine the position of the door frame, and accurately measure the ground elevation and the elevation of the top of the door frame.

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2. The Face Fix System manufacturer believes that the width of the glass partition wall and the limit groove at the top of the door should be 2-4mm greater than the glass thickness, and the groove depth should be between 20-30mm for glue injection.
3. The Face Fix System manufacturer reminds you to install the wooden base with metal finish. The installation method can be nailed square wood on the original pre-embedded wooden brick, or nailed the square wood through expansion bolts, fixed the square wood on the ground, and then glued the metal veneer to the wood with all-purpose glue.
4. Install the rigid door frame. Nail the square wood of the door frame according to the center line, and then use plywood to determine the size and position of the door frame column (note that the size of the decorative surface should be deducted). Finally, outsource the metal decorative surface, and place the decorative surface head seam in the middle of the two sides of the installation glass when wrapping. Seam locations must be accurate and vertical.
5. Glass installation. Use a glass suction cup device (or glass suction cup machine) to suck the thick glass tightly, and then hold the suction cup in your hand to lift and erect the thick glass plate with 2 to 3 people.