How to Install Glass Railings Using the Face Fix System




1. When installing on a flat surface, try to use tempered glass, and ensure that its thickness is more than 1.2cm, but it should be noted that when the glass is connected to rigid nodes, elastic materials should be installed in the middle, and the glass should be fixed in the Face Fix System After the column groove, there must be a gap of about 3mm on both sides, and then use glass glue to seal.

 Face Fix System material

2. The Face Fix System column needs to be installed below the glass railing. If you choose to use glass material for the guardrail, then a gap of about 8mm should be left between the glass and the glass, and between the glass and other materials, there should also be a gap of about 8mm. The gap of about 8mm can be filled with sealant.
3. It is very important to install the guardrail of the glass railing, which is usually made of angle steel, and electric welding is required on both sides of the fixed parts, and there is no looseness. In addition, rubber support pads should be used for glass and fixing parts, and the degree of glass penetration should be about 0.1m.
4. After the glass railing is installed, it is necessary to ensure that it is firm and not loose, and then cover it with decorations on the base.