How to install glass directly on a sunroof with the Face Fix System




Because the cost of installing it with a glass claw is relatively high, and it is more troublesome to install, so many times, in order to save costs, the direct installation of the Face Fix System is adopted. The so-called direct installation means that we directly tile the glass onto the profiles on the top surface of the sun room. At this time, some thin profiles are generally welded on the main profile, that is, small-sized square steel. Finally, the glass is spread on the square, so as to complete the installation of the roof glass of the sun room.

 Face Fix System material

Installation of glass. When we level the top of the sun room, we can install the glass on the top of the sun room. When installing, the glass is also tiled directly on our top surface. Install piece by piece, leaving a gap of about 2 mm between the glass and the glass. Don't push the glass to the glass, so we won't be able to apply sealant in the later stage.
Glass sealing. The final step is the sealing of the glass. When the glass is sealed, copper silicate weather-resistant structural adhesive is also used for sealing.