The method of daily maintenance of stairs Cuboid Slimline Handrail




1. The wooden staircase Cuboid Slimline Handrail is damp, and the wooden structural components are easily deformed, cracked, and the paint will fall off. There is also a wooden building component on the Cuboid Slimline Handrail. It is stainless and easy to rust when it is wet. The Cuboid Slimline Handrail does not need a lot of water for daily cleaning. It can be sprayed with detergent on its surface and then wiped with a soft cloth.

Cuboid Slimline Handrail material

2. To prevent the occurrence of moths. When installing a stainless steel staircase Cuboid Slimline Handrail, you can sprinkle some insect repellant on the concrete steps in advance, and the second important aspect is to keep the Cuboid Slimline Handrail dry and free from moisture.
 4. The connecting parts should be checked frequently to prevent loosening or moth-eaten. As the installation of the Cuboid Slimline Handrail is constantly changing with temperature and humidity, each component is undergoing subtle physical changes. Wooden Cuboid Slimline Handrails or components made of metal or other materials are often damaged by collapse, wear, moth or fungal attack and can be repaired by a professional. But more important is early maintenance, proper maintenance can greatly extend the life of the Cuboid Slimline Handrail.