The quality of Fix System is related to the service life of floor-to-ceiling windows




As for the floor-to-ceiling window between the ground and the ceiling, some fixed hardware is required to carry the weight, so the quality of the hardware must not be poor. When purchasing, it is best to choose imported brand hardware accessories to prevent the window sash from being blown down by the typhoon and the danger of falling objects.

good price and quality Face Fix System

The effect of thermal insulation affects the experience of floor-to-ceiling windows

The floor-to-ceiling windows should pay attention to heat insulation, especially in summer, heat conduction and radiation are very serious, the combination of broken bridge aluminum + insulating glass can be described as a strong combination.
The hollow glass is filled with drying gas, and the aluminum strip is filled with desiccant, which can effectively block the loss of heat conduction, so that the insulating glass can achieve the effects of heat preservation, energy saving, and anti-condensation.
If you want better thermal insulation effect, you can use double-layer tempered glass and stick with thermal insulation film. Or custom-made curtains or venetian blinds. The shade also guarantees privacy.

In addition, planting green plants outside the window will also have a good buffering effect, and it will feel cool both visually and physically!