Architectural Glass Fittings determine the life of glass doors and windows




Architectural Glass Fittings looks inconspicuous, but it determines the life of the entire glass door and window. The hardware in the doors and windows, such as window braces, hinges, handles, hinges, etc., may be ignored by many people, but the advantages and disadvantages of Architectural Glass Fittings are completely harmful. Normal application to doors and windows.

good price and quality Architectural Glass Fittings

1. The pros and cons of Architectural Glass Fittings will immediately affect the life of all windows. Usually, the service life of anti-corrosion and rust-proof hardware is many years, which is enough to meet the needs of normal building doors and windows. Experts pointed out that good hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss should be better, the protective layer should be dense, and there should be no scratches. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible.

2. Architectural Glass Fittings will harm the physical properties of doors and windows. The tolerance of physical properties of doors and windows is directly related to the structure and performance of door and window hardware. After the inward-opening and inner-turning windows entered the building doors and windows industry in my country, because of their excellent physical and usability, this type of window has been gradually accepted by the Chinese people.

    3. Architectural Glass Fittings will affect the economic characteristics of doors and windows. The building doors and windows industry also has fierce market competition. One of the effective ways to solve the single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously improve the function of the product and expand the profit space of the product with technical advantages.