Application of Face Fix System in Floor-to-ceiling Windows




Disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows 1. The privacy is not strong and there is a lack of security.
The floor-to-ceiling windows not only satisfy the good vision, but also mean that others can peep into the interior from the outside, especially for users who place it in the bedroom and the living floor is low, because the privacy of the glass floor-to-ceiling window is not strong, it cannot make people feel safe. At the same time, the glass texture looks transparent and fragile, which will also make people feel insecure.

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Disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows 2. It is difficult to clean.
Generally speaking, the glass texture is very troublesome to clean, especially this kind of material is clear and transparent, even a little dirt can be very conspicuous, and fingerprints cannot be printed during cleaning, plus the large area, it is very tiring to clean, especially For some high-level users, it is particularly dangerous to clean the exterior of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and only specialized personnel can be hired, which is time-consuming and expensive.
So how to design floor-to-ceiling windows reasonably? Face Fix System manufacturers have some suggestions.
① The size of the floor-to-ceiling windows should be well controlled. The size of the floor-to-ceiling window is also the area of ??the floor-to-ceiling window. The bigger the better, the design should be based on the area of ??our entire room.
② The glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows must be selected correctly. This is very crucial and very important. Like the glass of our common floor-to-ceiling windows, it is recommended that you choose tempered laminated glass.
③ For the glass of floor-to-ceiling windows installed on the balcony, be sure to choose functional glass.