What are the precautions for installing Face Fix System




1. Face Fix System installs plastic-steel material

The Face Fix System of the floor-to-ceiling window should choose a suitable material, preferably plastic steel, which is strong and wind-resistant, has a good sound insulation effect and is not easy to deform. The magnesium-aluminum window frame has poor sound insulation and poor thermal insulation, so it is best to choose plastic steel.

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2. Add a layer of soundproof glass

When installing, it is best to add a double-layer soundproof glass to the outer layer of the window, which can not only prevent noise, but also provide double-layer protection. However, if you want to add more soundproof glass, you must design it well before decoration, so as not to increase the difficulty of construction and increase the cost.

3. Add guardrail

If a layer of soundproof glass is not installed outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, a guardrail can be added to ensure living safety. Especially if there are children at home, it can prevent the floor-to-ceiling windows from breaking and ensure safety. When installing the guardrail, choose the appropriate style and color, and the guardrail should be firm, and the interval between the guardrails should not be too large to prevent danger.
4. Choose safe materials

The material of the floor-to-ceiling window is very important. It must be a strong and reliable glass material to prevent the glass from breaking and putting people at risk.