How to pick a safe and reliable Face Fix System




1. Floor-to-ceiling windows generally use tempered glass, but it is best to use "laminated glass", which is composed of double-layer glass with a special glue in the middle. After this type of glass is tempered, the safety factor is higher than Ordinary tempered glass.

customized Face Fix System

2. Doors and windows not only depend on the material of the glass, but also the material of the window frame. The window frame is equivalent to the human skeleton, and the Face Fix System plays a supporting role. Silicon magnesium aluminum alloy has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, strong toughness, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, etc., and easily resists various strong storms and typhoons.
Unlike ordinary aluminum alloy windows, broken bridge aluminum alloys have good sound insulation and heat insulation effects.
3. The hardware accessories needed to install the floor-to-ceiling windows must be of good quality. The SUN DESIGN Face Fix System manufacturer adopts the double-broken bridge structure technology and imported hardware accessories to ensure long-term use without deformation, damage and corrosion.