Classification of shower brackets




1. Portable shower bracket: The portable shower bracket is a relatively common one. People can wash the shower by hand and enjoy a comfortable bath, while the portable shower bracket can play the role of fixing the shower.


2. Overhead shower bracket: The overhead shower is also called a large shower, and the overhead shower bracket can be installed in the wall. This shower bracket can adjust the water outlet angle of the shower, and the up and down movement angle is very flexible.

  3. ADJUST STYLE shower brackets: This shower bracket can increase the height of the shower, and can automatically adjust to the most suitable shower height according to the height of the user, so as to enjoy a comfortable bath.

Installation environment of shower bracket

  The outlet joint of hot and cold water pipes is 1/2 inch universal diameter, preferably R1/2" tapered thread joint, hot water is on the left, cold water is on the right; the joint center distance is about 15 cm, and the joint height from the ground is recommended to be 60 centimeter.