The manufacturer of the hanging wheel system explains how to correctly plan the specifications of the shower room



The specifications of the shower room are determined according to the needs of consumers. In the decoration of modern life family houses, many people put their attention on the decoration of the shower room. How to layout the bathroom and what is the minimum size of the bathroom are all issues that consumers pay attention to. . The width and height of the shower room need to be formulated according to the needs of consumers themselves and their family members. If the family members are fat, the width of the bathroom should be made larger to ensure that the body can move freely during use and will not bump into Glass, etc., and the height of the bathroom also needs special attention. Too high will affect the appearance, and too low will cause the shower to splash water. Therefore, the height of the bathroom also needs to be strictly controlled.

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The size of the shower room needs to be accurately planned. Many families will install heating equipment in the bathroom, which also requires planning the distance from the heating equipment in the bathroom layout. Choose the right heating equipment. If the space is small, the heating equipment can be placed in the middle, but it is best not to place it near the bathroom glass to avoid moisture.