The style of the stainless steel pulley of the shower room and the configuration of the corresponding product



Shower room stainless steel pulley 18B style wheels can be divided into three types according to diameter: D70mm, D55mm and D43mm. But from the matching stainless steel slide rail, this 18B wheel has 18B and 18B-1-D55 for Φ25 circular rail, 18B-1-D43 wheel for Φ19 circular rail, and 19*34 elliptical rail. There are 18B-1-D55 wheels, as well as D55 wheels with 15*40 square rails and D43 wheels with 10*30 square rails.

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According to different tracks, there will be corresponding 18B shower room stainless steel pulleys and other complete sets of products, so how to configure products and product quantities according to the style of the shower room required by customers, 18B shower room stainless steel pulleys will have their own advantages and limitations.
Each wheel has its corresponding product configuration. For example, the tube wall sleeve of Φ25 round rail generally has 19B, 19B-1 or 19B-2 products. Considering the cost of the shower room, we will Choose 19B-2, 19B-3 side is used for oval tube, and the square rail will use 54B products. How to configure a complete set of products depends on the style of the shower room, but basically there are rules to follow. As long as you understand the structure and use of each product, you will quickly make corresponding packages for customers.