What is the common material of bathroom hanging wheel system



Usually the material of the hanging wheel we know is generally made of stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper alloy, etc., and it is processed with stainless steel wire drawing, pearl ironing, bright ironing, bright light and other surface treatments to make the product It looks brighter, and is easy to use. Then the wheels of the bathroom hanging wheel, usually divided by material, mainly include the following, such as metal rollers, plastic-covered bearing rollers, solid plastic rollers, fiber nylon-covered bearing rollers and multi-layer composite rollers.

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For ordinary plastic rollers, its texture is relatively soft, so it can only be used in doors less than 60 kg, which is relatively limited. Another kind of metal roller is very strong, but it is easy to generate noise when it is in contact with the track, so it is not suitable for home decoration.
Then in the bathroom, the bathroom hanging wheel mainly uses solid polyacetal rollers. This kind of bathroom hanging wheel places the bearing in the middle of the main body, which makes the sliding effect better and more durable. In the bathroom where the water consumption is high, it will be more practical. Polyacetal plastic rollers are hard, slide smoothly, and are durable, making them the preferred choice for bathroom hanging rollers.