How to install glass pool door accessories



1. The glass swimming pool door accessories should choose the appropriate size, otherwise it may not be installed, and even if it is installed reluctantly, it will cause inconvenience. For example, if the specifications of the floor spring are selected and cannot bear the weight of the glass door, it will cause the glass door to fall to the ground, which will seriously damage the glass door and cause harm to personnel.

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2. When installing the glass swimming pool door accessories, it should be installed according to the overall design of the glass door. For example, the upper and lower door clips must be kept in a horizontal position, otherwise the glass door leaf cannot be installed. In order for the glass door to be used normally, it is necessary to repeatedly correct the installation angle.
3. Be careful when installing glass swimming pool door accessories, especially the part that is in contact with the glass door, because if the force is too large, the glass door will be crushed, so install the glass door accessories lightly.