How to Install a Hydraulic Glass Door Closer



Usually, the instruction manual provided with the hydraulic glass door closer has an installation sample, so read the instruction first, and determine the installation position according to the direction of opening the door, the magnitude of the closing force, and the installation dimensions between the body of the door closer, the connecting seat and the door hinge. According to the requirements of the door closing force, the door closing force can be changed by reversing the connecting seat 180° or changing the connecting position between the connecting rod and the connecting seat.
Determine the position of the mounting screws according to the position instructions on the mounting template, and then drill and tap.

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Install the door closer body with screws.
Install the fixed connector.
Install the driver board with screws.
Adjust the adjustment rod to 90° with the door frame, and then connect the connecting rod with the drive plate.
Don't forget to attach the plastic cap, it can be used to catch hydraulic fluid leaking from the door closer.
After installation, check whether the fixing screws are fastened, and there must be no looseness or looseness. Open the door to the maximum opening position and check whether the hinged arm of the hydraulic glass door closer touches or rubs against the door or door frame.