What are the architectural glass accessories for aluminum alloy doors and windows



We often say aluminum alloy doors and windows architectural glass accessories, such as handles, hinges, sliding stays, pulleys, rod locks, crescent locks and a series of hardware accessories for doors and windows. Doors and windows responsible for connection, transmission, how to open and close actions. It belongs to the core members of the performance of doors and windows.

Architectural Glass Fittings suppliers

Aluminum alloy door and window architectural glass accessories are classified according to product information: handles for transmission control mechanisms, spinning handles, hinges (hinges), transmission locks, sliding braces, stays, latches, multi-point locks , pulleys, single-point locks and flat-opening and bottom-hanging hardware production systems, etc.
Aluminum alloy door and window hardware can be classified into: sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware, inward opening and inversion accessories, and hanging window parts.
Commonly used auxiliary parts are climbing blocks, anti-falling blocks, corners, anti-collision blocks, corner codes, connectors, reinforcements, etc.. are mainly used to improve the assembly level of aluminum profile doors and windows, and ensure the overall performance of doors and windows. These accessories are available Optional accessories play the role of icing on the cake, and the basic operation of doors and windows will not be affected if they are not installed.