Shower PVC sealing strip can prolong the service life



The bathroom is where the most water is used. The main purpose of the shower room is to block the bathing water, prevent the bathroom from being completely wet, and ensure that the bathroom is dry. Because it is a place to take a bath, the waterproof function of the shower room is also very important. If the waterproof is not done well, it will not only affect the water blocking function, but also affect the life of the shower room.

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There are still some shower rooms on the market, and the treatment and design of the water-retaining rubber strip at the bottom of the door are poor, resulting in water leakage during use. Therefore, when choosing shower room accessories, special attention should be paid to its sealing and waterproof function, and it is best to choose high-quality PVC waterproof strips. You can touch the sealing tape of the shower room with your hands to detect the waterproof tape. The one that is soft, elastic and flexible is the top grade, and it is not easy to crack.