What types of safety glass are there for construction



Compared with ordinary glass, tempered glass is used as safety glass for construction. It also has the advantage that even if it breaks, it will not cut people. This is because when it shatters, it does not form sharp-edged pieces like ordinary glass, so it does not hurt people. But relatively, because of this characteristic, tempered glass cannot be cut and needs to be processed as required. At present, tempered glass is widely used in anti-vibration and anti-collision parts such as doors and windows of buildings, partition walls and public places.

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Let's take a look at laminated glass, a safety glass for construction. Laminated glass is a flat or curved composite glass product made by bonding two or more pieces of flat glass with transparent plastic sheets and bonding them by heat and pressure. The original glass can be polished glass, float glass, colored glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, tempered glass, etc. Laminated glass is characterized by good safety and its impact strength is much higher than that of ordinary glass. In addition, the use of different glass original sheets and interlayer materials can also obtain light resistance, heat resistance, humidity resistance, and cold resistance. Laminated glass is suitable for doors and windows with high safety requirements, such as doors and windows of high-rise buildings, doors and windows of basements, doors and windows of banks and other buildings, commodity display cabinets and window and other anti-collision parts.