How to fix frameless glass with Face Fix System



First, do the positioning work, such as the level from the ground to the top of the door frame, etc.; then use the metal decorative plate to embed the top limit groove, and then use expansion bolts to fix the wooden bottom bracket; use plywood to fix the door frame post, wrap it on the outside The metal decorative surface is placed on the upper layer; finally, the thick glass is inlaid with a glass suction cup, sealed with glass glue, and the frameless glass is fixed.

Face Fix System from China

Frameless glass windows have good permeability and look more classy than traditional glass windows. Since this type of glass window does not need to be fixed by a frame, it can be seen indoors, with a wider field of vision and faster and more convenient cleaning. Moreover, the frameless glass window has a foldable function, each window can not only be moved left and right, but also can be opened at 90°, meeting the needs of users who want a closed or open space, and retaining the proper function of a balcony. And it saves time and effort to use. Good ventilation is beneficial to keep the indoor air fresh and make our body healthier.