Principle and function of hydraulic patch series for glass door



The hydraulic patch series is a hydraulic slow-release door closer installed under the glass door. The device for compressing the spring is a worm gear. The key to the technology is the bearing seat on the lower part of the main shaft, which determines the bearing level of the ground spring. Because the floor spring used for the two-way door should bear the weight of the door body, the weight of the door body plays a decisive role in the selection of the hydraulic patch series. In addition, the door width and wind pressure are also very important to the choice of the floor spring model.

customized Hydraulic Patch Fitting Series

From the production point of view, the worm gear structure of the floor spring makes the compression degree of the spring smaller than that of the rack-and-pinion door closer, and the closing force arm of the hydraulic patch series is also shorter, so the quality of the floor spring has a great impact on the structural design and machining accuracy. more dependent. In addition, since the two-way door leaf has a great force on the floor spring along the plane of the door leaf, the service life of the low-grade floor spring will be greatly different from that of the high-grade floor spring.