Component curtain wall installation process



1) Installation process of open frame glass curtain wall
Curtain wall components inspection, classification and stacking → measuring and laying out → main and secondary keel assembly → installation of floor fasteners → installation of main keel (strip) and leveling adjustment → installation of secondary keel (strip) → installation of thermal insulation galvanized steel plate → welding rivets on the galvanized steel plate Screw → install interlayer protection mineral wool → install floor closed galvanized steel plate → install single-layer glass seal and card → install single-layer glass → install double-layer insulating glass seal and card → install.

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2) Hidden frame glass curtain wall installation process
Measurement and payout → installation of fixed brackets → installation of uprights and cross bars → installation of outer protective structural components → sealing of outer protective structural components and peripheral sealing treatment → fireproof interlayer treatment → cleaning, etc.