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Pivot Door System

ProductFeatures•Modernarchitecturalappearancefordesignerfit-outs orEntranceways.•SolidStainlessSteelforrigidityandstrength•Architecturalgrade304satinstainlesssteel•Variouscombinationsofproductsavailabletoachieve specificdesignsformostprojects•Willacceptindividualdoorweightsupto80kg•Maximumdoorsizesupto2500x1200mm•Matchinghandleoptionstosuitthedesignconcept.•SidepanelscanbeglazedintoAluminiumchannelor utilisethematchingGlassSupportbracestocompliment thedesignconcept.•SuitableforusewithFloorSpringsorBottomDoorPivots.•Otherdesignoptionsavailableuponrequest.•Forspecificglasscut-outdetailrefertoourwebsiteor contactusdirectly.•10or12mmToughenedGlass.•LockproductsavailablefromourPatchFittingspages.

 Product Features

• Modern architectural appearance for designer fit-outs or Entrance ways.
• Solid Stainless Steel for rigidity and strength
• Architectural grade 304 satin stainless steel
• Various combinations of products available to achieve specific designs for most projects
• Will accept individual door weights up to 80kg
• Maximum door sizes up to 2500 x 1200mm
• Matching handle options to suit the design concept.
• Side panels can be glazed into Aluminium channel or utilise the matching Glass Support braces to compliment the design concept.
• Suitable for use with Floor Springs or Bottom Door Pivots.
• Other design options available upon request.
• For specific glass cut-out detail refer to our website or contact us directly.
• 10 or 12mm Toughened Glass.
• Lock products available from our Patch Fittings pages.
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