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Sliding Door Shower SS-3

ProductFeatures•AnewdesignforSlidingFramelessShowersboth functional,flexibleinitsdesignoptionsandspace saving•Optionsoftwostandarddoorsizesandarailthat attachestothesidepanelmeanseaseofinstallation andflexibilityfortheopeningsize.•Thesidepanelcanbemadesmallerorlargerto accommodatemostinstallationrequirements includingsidepanelattachment.•SafetyGlassandAntiJumpguidesprovidesasafe environmentforallthefamily.•Forspecificglassdetailrefertoourwebsite

  Product Features

• A new design for Sliding Frameless Showers both functional, flexible in its design options and space saving
• Options of two standard door sizes and a rail that attaches to the sidepanel means ease of installation and flexibility for the opening size.
• The side panel can be made smaller or larger to accommodate most installation requirements including side panel attachment.
• Safety Glass and Anti Jump guides provides a safe environment for all the family.
• For specific glass detail refer to our website
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