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Handrail Glass Clamps

AdjustableGlassClampsareaneasy andsecurewaytocreateprivacy dividerswith3/16"to3/8"(5to10mm) glass.Theyhaveasatinchromefinish andrubbero-ringsforasolidgripon theglass.Easilyinstalledandattached bytighteningthetwolargescrews snuglyagainsttheglass,thentighten thesetscrewtoapplytheclamping action. MiniZ-SeriesGlassClampisidealfor smalldisplaysandglassbarriers. Thereisnoglassdrillingrequired,as theglassisheldfirmlywithapressure fit.Theseclampsaredesignedfor1/4" (6mm)thickglassandhaveaflatbase formountingontoflatsurfaces.
Adjustable Glass Clamps are an easy and secure way to create privacy dividers with 3/16" to 3/8" (5 to 10 mm) glass. They have a satin chrome finish and rubber o-rings for a solid grip on the glass. Easily installed and attached by tightening the two large screws snugly against the glass, then tighten the set screw to apply the clamping action.
Mini Z-Series Glass Clamp is ideal for small displays and glass barriers. There is no glass drilling required, as the glass is held firmly with a pressure fit. These clamps are designed for 1/4" (6 mm) thick glass and have a flat base for mounting on to flat surfaces.
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