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Face Fix System

ProductFeatures■AuniquesystemforattachingGlass BalustradingandPoolFencingwithout disturbingthevisualappearanceand aestheticsofthebuilding.■Astrongstructuralstrengthisachieved throughthecontinuousaluminium extrusionwhichisavailableexstockup to5Mlengthsorlargeronspecialorders.■PowdercoatedfinishinSliverPearlisthe standardfinishbutthisproductcanbe anodisedorpowdercoatedtocustomers individualrequirements.■DependingonthefixingdetailtheCuboidFaceFixSystemcanbeattachedtotimber, concreteorsteel.Socanbecombined withintheonebuildinginvariousapplications.■Itsuniqueclampingandadjustmentsystemmeansthatnopressureisapplieddirectlytotheglassand thesystemcanbeeasilyadjustedtolevelglass. ■Variousthicknessesofglasscanbeaccommodatedfrom12-15mmGlass. ■Handrailsarerecommendedforbuildingsabove5metres.

 Product Features

■ A unique system for attaching Glass Balustrading and Pool Fencing without disturbing the visual appearance and aesthetics of the building.
■ A strong structural strength is achieved through the continuous aluminium extrusion which is available ex stock up to 5M lengths or larger on special orders.
■ Powder coated finish in Sliver Pearl is the standard finish but this product can be anodised or powder coated to customers individual requirements.
■ Depending on the fixing detail the CuboidFace Fix System can be attached to timber, concrete or steel. So can be combined within the one building in various applications.
■ Its unique clamping and adjustment system means that no pressure is applied directly to the glass and the system can be easily adjusted to level glass. 
■ Various thicknesses of glass can be accommodated from 12-15mm Glass. 
■ Handrails are recommended for buildings above 5 metres.
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