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Spider Fittings

ProductFeatures•Awiderangeoffittingsareavailable; fromstandardspiderfittingstocustom &Europeanstylefittings. •Fixingdetailcanbetailoredforindividual projectsincludingsidefixed,bottom fixedortopmountedfittingstomeetthe requirementsofsmallcanopiesthrough tocomplexglasswalls.•Manufacturedfrom316stainlessto maximisetheproductslifeand appearanceandavailableinpolished orsatinfinishes.•Swivelsareavailablefortoughened, laminated,ordoubleglazedunits includingflushfittingandsurface mountedfixingoptions.•Customdesignandfabricationservices areavailableforspecificprojects.

  Product Features

• A wide range of fittings are available; from standard spider fittings to custom & European style fittings. 
• Fixing detail can be tailored for individual projects including side fixed, bottom fixed or top mounted fittings to meet the requirements of small canopies through to complex glass walls.
• Manufactured from 316 stainless to maximise the products life and appearance and available in polished or satin finishes.
• Swivels are available for toughened, laminated, or double glazed units including flush fitting and surface mounted fixing options.
• Custom design and fabrication services are available for specific projects.
• Architectural Glass Fittings.
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