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Slide Fold Stack

Slide Fold Stack products openings up to 6m in each direction, So can facilitate up to 12m openings.  Slide Fold Stack products Suitable for 10mm -12mm Toughened safety glass.

   Slide Fold Stack Product Features

•  Slide Fold Stack products Ideal for creating wide openings for both interior and exterior situations.
•  Openings up to 6m in each direction, So can facilitate up to 12m openings.  
•  Slide Fold Stack products suitable for 10mm -12mm Toughened safety glass.
•  Can be centrally hung or side hung to reduce the amount of storage space required.
•  Maximum door sash up to 3000 x 1000mm or 80kg.
•  Slide Fold Stack products continuous support for the glass doors with a complete rail system which requires no holes in the glass.
•  Clear floor passageway with no track on the floor.
•  Top and Bottom rails have the ability for brush seals to reduce wind and sound intrusion.
•  Can be configured for a range of opening formats including an externally opening door.
•  Slide Fold Stack products manufactured from aluminium and available in a range of finishes.
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