The Slide Fold Stack company will introduce you the accessories of the sliding folding door and how to install it

2022/08/05 16:22
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Sliding and folding door accessories include: handles, hinges, hinges, slide rails, connectors, etc. Due to the different materials and production processes of sliding folding door accessories, its service life, durability, corrosion resistance and strength are different.

Slide Fold Stack company

How to Install a Folding Door
1. Determine the location:
Determine the installation location, measure the length with a ruler, and be careful not to let the iron filings fall into the track.
2. Insert the folding door:
Insert the folding door into the slideway in a bundled state to prevent it from falling off the slideway during installation.
3. Fixed:
After confirming the orientation of the handle, start installing the rail.
4. Insert the rubber sleeve:
After determining the position of each iron suction plate, use an impact drill to drill holes to a depth of about four centimeters, and then drive the rubber sleeves in sequence.
5. Fixed suction plate:
Push the folding door to the middle, use a screwdriver to screw the screw into the rubber sleeve until the suction plate is fixed, and it is installed.