Slide Fold Stack Analysis on How to Choose Aluminum Alloy Folding Doors

2022/08/04 15:06
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Aluminum alloy folding doors have excellent physical properties such as long service life, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, noise reduction, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, good gloss, strong sealing, light weight and bending resistance; and easy to use, push-pull It is free, effectively saves space, has high lighting, beautiful appearance, various colors, does not contain any harmful human substances, and meets the requirements of my country's environmental protection home furnishing.

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Stroking the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand, it does not feel scratched, and the hand feels soft and delicate; stand on the side of the door and greet the light to see if the paint surface of the door panel has bumps and waves. Generally, it is a flat, bump-free folding door. It is qualified; the sliding folding door is not as light as possible when folded, but there is no vibration or jamming when folded, and it is smooth and textured; the closing of the folding door is completed by multiple doors, including hardware accessories. As for the connection, pay attention to the hardware accessories such as pulleys and hinges, which is related to the quality of the product.